Your Dream, Your Design

Custom Bridal Masterpiece: Where Your Dreams Take Form

Embark on an ethereal journey of love with Desert Rae's exclusive "Your Dreams, Your Design" service, crafting bespoke bridal capes and kimonos that embody the essence of your divine connection. Our skilled artisans and designers intricately weave your love story into each thread, infusing mystical allure into every delicate detail. A heartfelt personal message from your partner is sown in with cosmic love, ensuring this extraordinary day remains etched in your souls forever.


Transcend into a world of ethereal bridal enchantment. Elevate your wedding day with opulent capes and kimonos, imbued with mystical allure to add an extraordinary flair to your dress. From the sacred ceremony to the enchanting after-party or throughout the night, these transformative pieces embrace your divine essence, empowering you to radiate an aura of luxury and soulful elegance.