The inspiration behind the brand

At Desert Rae, we believe that fashion is a sacred space to seek haven in your own body, attracting the right vibrations to those who wear our pieces. Redefining beauty standards, we focus on statement pieces that flow and liberate, making you feel like royalty.

meet the founder: nikki king

Desert Rae was born from a profound desire to intertwine fashion with your very essence, connecting you with the right vibrations and energies to illuminate the path of self-discovery. Guided by the sun—the ultimate muse of empowerment—we, at Desert Rae, celebrate the radiant light that lives within you.

Founded by Nikki King, embracing her ancestral middle name, "Rae," passed down through generations of inspiring women, our brand embodies the essence of the sun. "Rae" symbolizes the power to shine brilliantly, reflecting the beauty of vulnerability and self-discovery.

Here at Desert Rae, we invite you to embrace your unique story—a soulful journey where fashion becomes an unbound canvas for your truest self. Each piece we curate envisions a liberating experience, breaking free from society's confines, transcending gender boundaries, and redefining beauty standards.

Embrace our statement pieces that flow and liberate, empowering you to embrace your innate royalty, realizing that you deserve the world. As we curate each creation, our heartfelt endeavor is to ignite the magic within you, allowing you to walk in your power and shine brightly like the desert sun.